Our Manufacturing Process

Our private label skincare products are perfect for small to medium e-commerce brands. Whether you’re new to the industry or an established brand, we can guide you through your custom skincare journey.

Start Up Businesses: If you’re just joining the digital world of selling products, you can take advantage of our custom samples, low MOQs, and affordable costs. With our expertise, we can support you in the decision-making process of private labelling.

Established Brands: If you’ve already built a name for yourself and secured a place in the market, we can help you continue to grow. Adding your own range of unique skincare items is a certified way to bring character, identity, and a certain coolness to your brand.

Hair & Beauty Salons: Direct your clients to support your salon online by selling your own range of skincare products. 

Whichever private label skin care you decide to go for, the production and manufacturing process is simple and extremely flexible. Take advantage of our low minimum order quantity, get packaging design from us, or use your own brand packaging. The label options are completely up to you! Don’t worry about the wait either, you can expect fast turnaround times with Global Cosmetics Private Label.

As a China owned, private label cosmetic manufacturer, our private label products deliver quality, optimal results, and a great service. Whatever your place in the market, our low minimums allow you a taste of private labelling through your own products' custom formulation. 

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