Scale Your Business

Unlike our standard private labelling service, our product customization premium service allows you to create your own high active ingredient unique skincare product by choosing one of our base formulations!

At a fraction of the cost you’d pay to work with a contract manufacturer, and supported by a qualified Cosmetic Manufacturer (Global Cosmetics HK Ltd.), you’ll be given all the information and support you need to create a unique and professional product that not only smells great and feels good on the skin, but actually works.


Work with us - We’ll help you scale your business

- Our Research & Development Laboratories work with cutting edge technology to ensure the best development work on your products.

- Our team has extensive knowledge across many different types of products and new ingredients hitting the market.

- Big or small, we can customize or scale our process of manufacturing your products to meet your business needs.

- With our high performing team, we are here to support your products and business.

- We treat your products like its our own and value your customer experience.


As your partner, we’ll do everything you need and keep everything confidential as your business requires.

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